Is all about the books I have written from research and first hand accounts of soldiers that served in the security forces in Northern Ireland during Operation Banner.

Contributions in written form are best submitted via e-mail   If you wish to submit your piece on a disk, you are very welcome to. If you wish to contact me to outline your story and have me write it for you, please first make contact by email.  A contact address will be sent to you once we have made e-mail contact. Photographs (prints, slides and negatives) and other documents can be scanned and returned to you. 

The preferred format is jpeg or gif. Of course, due care will be taken with such material and it will be returned when the work is complete. However, please be aware that sometimes things do go wrong. In the worst-case scenario your material could be lost. I point that out not because it is likely, but to urge you to take reasonable steps – make copies of anything that you especially value, and send me those instead. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss any aspects of submitting material.

Please remember to stress whether or not you wish to be named or have an anonymous accreditation. Please use  My Contact Form for the initial contact.  You can also leave me a message on my Facebook Page or via Follow Me On Twitter.

There is a private Facebook Group where Armed Forces, Ex Forces and Family Members can join which is located HERE

You will need to be identity checked prior to authorization and where this cannot be determined an admin member will contact you.

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